Best Bitcoin Books for Beginnersđź“•


Best Bitcoin Books for Beginnersđź“•

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The best thing you can probably do when making an investment is be educated on your investment. With Lolli, you can earn and learn easily – we offer some of the best bitcoin books for getting educated. We also will give you a percentage back in bitcoin from our partners when you buy one of the following books!

  1. Bitcoin: a Peer to Peer Electronic Cash System ~ Satoshi Nakamoto, 2008

Only eight pages long and written by bitcoin's famed creator(s), Satoshi Nakamoto, this white paper first introduced the world to bitcoin. Today, Satoshi’s words are as important as ever. Moreover, they remain the quickest and quintessential guide to getting started with bitcoin.

2. Bitcoin Money: A Tale of Bitville Discovering Good Money ~ Michael Caras, 2019, 28 pages

Michael writes a children's story about bitcoin in the fictional town of Bitville. Despite writing at an educational level, his words still capture the significance of sound money. This intro is highly non-technical, fun, and creative - it’s a great way to get children and adults more curious about bitcoin.

3. The Little Bitcoin Book ~ Multiple authors, 2019, 115 pages

The Little Bitcoin Book offers an inside perspective into the bitcoin space. Written by eight leaders in the space, it covers a variety of topics related to bitcoin in just over a hundred pages. A large section of the book covers interviews, letting newbies get their questions answered directly by some of the best people in the bitcoin space.

4. Bitcoin and Black America ~ Isaiah Jackson, 2019, 179 pages

Isiah shares his own journey with bitcoin as a black American. It has great suggestions on how to integrate bitcoin into businesses and daily life. Bitcoin and Black America combines history, economics, and direct experience, making it a powerful and insightful testimony about the troubling nature or history of central banking and how bitcoin can help oppressed people opt out of biased regimes.

5. The Internet of Money ~ Andreas M. Antonopoulos, 2016, 152 pages

The Internet of Money is a collection of talks by information security expert and bitcoiner Andreas Antonopoulos. The book explores different aspects of bitcoin, why they matter, and what their impact could be.

6. The Bitcoin Standard ~ Saifedean Ammous, 2018, 305 pages

Perhaps the most popular bitcoin book, The Bitcoin Standard has been widely read across the bitcoin community. Saifedean is a monetary economist and his book dives into the history of money, ending with a few brief chapters on bitcoin’s technical features and why those features make it better money. It’s full of interesting anecdotes, making it an easy read for getting started.

7. The Age of Cryptocurrency ~ Michael Casey & Paul Vigna, 2015, 357 pages

Written by two journalists, The Age of Cryptocurrency explores everything related to bitcoin and money. Paul and Michael dive into real stories of real people using bitcoin into their daily life. They also dive into some monetary economic theory and retell the history of how the bitcoin space grew organically out of the projects and lives of its first believers.

8. Digital Gold ~ Nathaniel Popper, 2015, 432 pages

Digital Gold, written by reporter Nathaniel Popper of the New York Times, mixes the histroy of the bigger names and people in bitcoin with stories of everyday people, giving an early account of the world's first cryptocurrency that has both breadth and depth. Its a great, entertaining read and was on the short list for Financial Times 2015 business book of the year.

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