Best Online Tools to Get Bitcoin for Free


Best Online Tools to Get Bitcoin for Free

How to Get Bitcoin for Free Online

Is bitcoin going to become the new world currency? Nobody knows for sure, but looking at the last 10 years, there appears to be a steady growth trend. If bitcoin does continue to take off, even very small amounts could one day be worth a lot of money. So a little bitcoin for free may be worth it.

We’ve researched some free bitcoin tools for earning free bitcoin — check them out and decide which one is right for you.


Lolli is the easiest way to earn free bitcoin for two reasons; it’s convenient to use and requires little time.

Getting started is as simple as downloading a chrome extension, creating an account, and shopping online. Lolli is partnered with 1,000+ brands selling just about anything you can think of. Every time you shop with one of Lolli's partners a percentage of your purchase is refunded to you in bitcoin.

Shoppers have already had big paydays, earning thousands of dollars in bitcoin just by shopping. And the opportunity for saving doesn't end there.  If you own a business, you could make business purchases with Lolli and rack up even more rewards.

It takes a little time for the funds to become available in your account because the returns period has to expire first. This usually takes around 30 days. Once you have over $15 dollars worth of bitcoin, you can withdraw to an external wallet or directly to your bank account!

Affiliate Programs

An affiliate program allows users to earn bitcoin by referring other people to the website to use it. Most require the person you refer to actually use the website and spend money on it in order to collect your reward. maintains a huge list of affiliate programs where you can earn bitcoin.

You could earn by referring people you know to a website like this, or if you have a blog or a YouTube channel, you could feature websites there. Another possibility is to go on internet discussion forums or chat rooms and share the links. This could be pretty annoying, but if you are actually finding useful services and sharing them with people it may be beneficial


Bitcoin Faucets give people bitcoin in exchange for completing tasks. These include tasks like watching ads, taking surveys, or posting to social media.

For instance, one popular faucet, Cointiply, allows users to earn up to 200 satoshis per hour. Cointiply is popular because it offers better than average payouts in less time. To read more about Cointiply and other bitcoin faucets read our blog post here.

Task Centric Bitcoin Programs is a website that allows you to earn money by watching video ads and clicking on them. It has a system of levels that allow you to earn slightly more the higher your level is. The way you increase your level is by clicking ads for multiple consecutive days. Reaching level 3, the highest level, requires clicking ads every day for a week.

Payouts range from 6 satoshis for watching a 10-second ad at level 1, all the way up to 43 satoshis for watching a 60-second ad at level 3. The minimum amount you have to earn before you can actually withdraw your earnings is 10,000 satoshis.

That means you would have to watch about 4 hours of ads to earn 10,000 satoshis, the minimum withdrawal amount. At the time of writing, bitcoin is trading at around $10,000 USD per bitcoin, and each bitcoin is made up of 100,000,000 satoshis, so 10,000 satoshis are worth about $1.

If that doesn’t sound like a good use of 4 hours of your life, (it probably isn't) read on.

Mining Programs

The bitcoin network is secured through a process called “mining.” Computers all over the world compete to calculate the correct randomly generated number. Whoever guesses it right first adds a block of transactions to the blockchain(the ledger of transactions) and gets newly minted bitcoins (block reward).

The bitcoin network is more powerful than all the world’s supercomputers combined, so the odds of getting the number first are quite low. But thousands of smaller computers or computing centers can pool their power to increase the odds of getting a winning guess, and then share the rewards.  This is called pool-mining.

This method is not free - it requires that you own a computer and have electricity. Mining with a small, non-specialized computer or graphics card will probably earn you less than the cost of electricity. But if you live somewhere with very cheap electricity or you don’t pay for electricity, it might be worth it.

If you have an extra graphics card hooked up to your computer and want to try your hand at mining, you can find out which currency will be most profitable by going to Then determine what software is required to mine the coin that you choose, and when you get some, you can easily trade it on an online exchange like Binance for bitcoin.

Airdrops is a website that compiles all the information on upcoming airdrops and sends out alerts for them. In case you don’t know already, an airdrop is an event where the developers of a new digital currency give away some of the coins for free to increase interest in the project.

Many of the currencies die out quickly and become worthless, but some go on to be worth real money, so what have you got to lose? If a currency gains traction months or years down the road, you can always go to an exchange and trade it for bitcoin. by exchange Coinbase is another way to earn bitcoin. Users get alternate cryptocurrencies by watching videos about them, learning, and then taking surveys to test their knowledge. These coins can be exchanged for bitcoins later!

BitforTip is super interesting. It works like this; people ask for help with something, and then can give tips to those who help them. For example, if someone needs help figuring out how to do something, and you know how to do it, you can make a quick instructional video, upload it to YouTube, and hopefully receive a tip.

For example, at the time of writing, someone was looking for advice on a program that could put multiple coordinates on a Google map and draw a diagram based on it. For advice on this, they offered a 1 nanotip. Nano is a cryptocurrency that can easily be traded for bitcoin. At the time of writing, it was worth a little over $1.

By checking BitForTip every once in a while, you may be able to earn a little extra cash just for helping people out with the knowledge you already have.

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