Back to School: 10 Things You Need For College at Bed Bath & Beyond

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Back to School: 10 Things You Need For College at Bed Bath & Beyond

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The bad news is, summer is almost over. However, the good news is that you can earn free bitcoin on all the essentials you need for a new school year at Bed Bath & Beyond.

Sure, getting ready for a new semester of college is always stressful, but Bed Bath & Beyond has all that you need and more.

To make sure that you are ready for all the challenges and fun times college will throw at you, we've rounded up 10 things that are absolutely essential for this new phase of your life.


Comfy sheets, blankets, pillows, and a comforter is absolutely necessary for an enjoyable college experience.

Nothing is worst than coming home after a long day of studying and enjoying college to not have comfortable bedding.


Whether you will be cooking or not, having kitchen basics to heat up all those instant ramen bowls you will be eating is a must.

Plates, utensils, pots, you name it, Bed Bath & Beyond has it.


Dirt accumulates SO quickly in college dorms. With such a small space, there isn't many places for the dust bunnies to gather.

To avoid having crumbs under your feet constantly, snatch a vacuum fro, Bed Bath. You can even split the cost with your roommate if you have to.

Cleaning Products

A clean space makes a clean mind. Keep your dorm spick and span with cleaning products form Bed Bath & Beyond.

P.S. If you really want to keep your dorm clean, set up a time each week or every few weeks so that cleaning becomes a part of your routine!


Let's be honest, dorms can be so blasé. Spice up your room with decor that captures your flair while earning free bitcoin.


In a tiny 150 sqft room (could be way smaller if you're unlucky) that you most likely have to share with a roommate or two, storage is necessary.

Get storage bins that will organize your clothes, toiletries, and even those items that you never use but can't seem to part with for college at Bed Bath & Beyond.

Laundry Basket

Don't make college difficult by being unorganized and waiting until you have no underwear left to do laundry.

Buy a laundry basket that will make doing laundry and fighting for an open a washer or dryer in the hectic laundry rooms a little easier.


Whether you're a party animal or just like to play some tunes while doing hw, a speaker is a MUST.

This Amazon Echo Dot is a great option for whatever occasion calls for a little music.

Shower Essentials

If there's anything you take away from this, it should be that you NEED shower shoes, a shower caddy, and some towels.

Who knows what has been on those bathroom floors, so save yourself the heartache and buy some of the best shower essentials at Bed Bath & Beyond.


Every college student deserves a little light in their life.

Whether your room is shafted and has little natural light, or you are just the type to stay up into the wee hours of the night studying, lamps are going to be some of your best friends in college.

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