How to Earn Bitcoin Rewards with Lolli: Your Guide to Crypto Cashback

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How to Earn Bitcoin Rewards with Lolli: Your Guide to Crypto Cashback

Earn bitcoin rewards when you shop and play games with the leading bitcoin rewards app, Lolli.

As digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum soar to new high prices, earning bitcoin through rewards has become the easiest way for anyone to get into owning bitcoin for free.

With Lolli, the first and leading bitcoin rewards app, anyone can own bitcoin just by shopping at top stores like CVS,, Expedia, and more or play 1,000s of top mobile games. Here's how it works.

What is Lolli?

Lolli is a browser extension, site, and mobile app that provides users with Bitcoin rewards when they shop or play games. We have partnered with top retailers like, Nike, Sephora, and more. Every time you shop, you earn a percentage of your purchase back in bitcoin or cashback. When you download and play games with the Lolli app, you can also earn free rewards by reaching milestones in your game.

How Does Lolli Work?

Using Lolli is simple and straightforward:

  1. Get the Lolli App or Extension: Start by downloading the free Lolli app or extension, or signing up at
  2. Link a Card: Make sure you link your payment card on the app or site to earn rewards when you shop in-store for coffee, groceries, and more.
  3. Shop Online: Browse through the list of Lolli's partner stores, activate an offer, and shop online or in-store as you normally would. Ensure that you click on the store link through the Lolli platform to activate rewards.
  4. Earn Bitcoin: Once you complete a qualifying purchase, Lolli will add your rewards to your Lolli wallet. The amount you earn varies depending on the store and any ongoing promotions.

Tips for Maximizing Your Bitcoin Rewards with Lolli

To make the most out of your Lolli experience, consider the following tips:

  1. Keep an Eye on Promotions: Lolli often runs special promotions where you can earn higher-than-usual bitcoin rewards for shopping at specific retailers. Stay updated on these promotions through our email newsletters, social posts, and more to maximize your earnings.
  2. Refer Friends: Like many other reward platforms, Lolli offers referral bonuses. Invite your friends to join Lolli using your referral link, and you'll both earn Bitcoin rewards when they make their first purchase.
  3. Consider Dollar-Cost Averaging: If you're interested in investing in Bitcoin, consider using the Bitcoin rewards earned through Lolli as a way to practice dollar-cost averaging. Regularly withdrawing your rewards and adding them to your Bitcoin investment can help you build your cryptocurrency portfolio over time.

Is Lolli Safe and Legitimate?

Lolli has established itself as a reputable platform within the cryptocurrency community. We have robust security measures and strict privacy policies to safeguard user information and funds.

Lolli offers a convenient and innovative way to earn Bitcoin rewards while engaging in everyday online shopping. Whether you're a seasoned cryptocurrency investor or someone looking to dip their toes into the world of digital assets, Lolli provides a user-friendly avenue to accumulate Bitcoin.

By following the tips above and leveraging Lolli's partnerships with popular retailers, you can start earning bitcoin rewards easily, today. So why not turn your online shopping into a rewarding experience with Lolli?

Elena N.

Elena N.

Lolli is a rewards app, site, and browser extension that gives you free bitcoin & cash back rewards when you shop online & in-store at 50,000+ stores.

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