Earn Bitcoin Rewards on Elementary School Essentials

Earn Bitcoin Rewards on Elementary School Essentials

Earn up to 9% in bitcoin rewards on everything your kid needs to succeed this school year!

🍎 Updated: 8/22

As a parent, the words "back to school" probably stress you out.

Don't know where to start with shopping for the new semester? We've got your back, with bitcoin rewards on everything from clothes for fall to books and school supplies!

Make back to season easy and rewarding. Discover all the essentials your rockstar student will need to have a great school year on Lolli!

Jackets and Hoodies from Columbia - Up to 9% back

Even if your little tike has to wear uniforms, buying a warm jacket from Columbia for the fall/winter is essential.

With hundreds of styles, colors, and different types of jackets, your student can be warm and bundled while you stack some sats.

A Backpack from Redbubble - Up to 9% back

Sure, your student needs a backpack to fit all of their homework, pencils, and folders, but who says that backpack can't be unique and adorable?

Whether your student likes superheros or adorable characters, you can find a backpack that will make them the talk of the town at Redbubble.

Abe Books – Up to 7.5% back

Earn bitcoin rewards on all of your essential reads from Abe Books! No matter what's on your school's reading list, you'll find everything you're looking for at Abe Books. Earn and learn with bitcoin rewards on books!

Light-up sneakers from Skechers – Up to 5% back

Your kids love Skechers! Start the new semester strong, with bitcoin rewards on fresh sneakers. Your little ones will love the S-Lights Remix, for a bright take on back to school sty.e.

Markers and Colored Pencils from Michaels - Up to 3.5% back

School can be hard for kids.

That's why you should add a splash of color to your student's life by buying them markers and colored pencils from Michaels.

Who knows, maybe you will be helping an artist in the making! Either way, you are guaranteed to get a few cute drawings to put on your fridge after getting your kid markers and colored pencils from Michaels.

Folders from Office Depot - Up to 3% back

Since your student will be getting a lot of homework, you will want to make sure they have a place to store everything!

With the adorable folders at Office Depot, you will have your kid looking stylish while feeling studious.

Notebooks from Staples - Up to 3% back

From journal entries to drawings, a good notebook is essential for so many tasks in elementary school.

With a notebook or two, your adorable student can learn while expressing themselves!

#2 Pencils from Quill - Up to 3% back

Write your elementary student's success by getting them #2 pencils from Quill.

Whether your student excels in school or not, their knowledge will get a little sharper whenever they use the #2 pencils from Quill that you give them.

#2 pencils from a #1 company.

A Lunch Box from J.Crew - Up to 2% back

Kids need nutritious food that's also yummy.

Make snack and lunch time fun for your child by getting them a cute lunch box from J.Crew to hold all of their goodies!

A Pencil Pouch from Discount School Supply - Up to 1.5% back

Though pencil pouches are necessary for elementary school, they can also be extremely cute.

Whether your kid loves animals or loves action figures, you can find a pencil pouch that will not only hold all of their writing utensils, but also their personality.

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Mia Belmont

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