AMA with The Lolli Team!

AMA with The Lolli Team!

Happy Employee Appreciation Day! 💜 🤝

Today, we're celebrating the Lolli team on Employee Appreciation Day with a 10-Question Ask-Me-Anything!

Aaannd... we may be biased, but we believe we have the most stacked team out there (pun intended) ... these people work around the clock to bring you free bitcoin 365 days a year — well, besides this year when they brought it to you for 366 — when you shop online.

Allow me to introduce a few members of Lolli's fast-growing team! 🍭

Get to know the some of the people that are responsible for 'buidling' Lolli! 🍭

Matt Senter - Co-founder of Lolli

Shana Jordan - Head of Operations at Lolli
Cayden Trawick - Lolli Customer Care

Jarrad Giles - VP of Engineering

Federico Ulfo - Senior Staff Engineer
Aubrey Strobel - Head of Communications

Ask-Me-Anything with the Lolli Team 🍭

1. Why do you like working at Lolli?

MS: I've always liked building things I would use, and I use Lolli a lot! There's no better feeling than to see something you create be responsible for introducing people to bitcoin for the first time.

SJ: The people, our users, our mission.

CT: Lolli has the greatest team, and man cannot say enough about customer service!

JG: Bitcoin produces a paramounatal shift in thinking on many levels. Bitcoin is something I believe will be influential for many generations to come. Having the opportunity to contribute in any way to the adoption of bitcoin and in educating more people about the value and ethos bitcoin provides makes work seem less like work. But mostly because I get a purple hoodie.

FU: Orange coin good. Price go up.

AS: Giving away free bitcoin to people feels great!

2. Other than a lollipop, what’s your favorite sweet treat?

MS: Cookies 'n cream milkshake, duh.

SJ: Reese peanut butter cups - I love creamy peanut butter.

CT: Chocolate of course!

JG: Banana pudding with real custard or a homemade apple pie.

FU: sicilian granita!

AS: Entenmann's crumb donuts 🍩

3. Where is your favorite place to stack sats?

MS: Lucky Brand.

SJ: So hard to pick one, but probably Groupon

CT: Anywhere they are highest!

JG: On the couch in my living room.

FU: ouch, cash app

AS: with any of our travel partnersl! ✈️

4. If you were stranded on a deserted island and could only bring two items, what would you take, and why?

MS: Desalinator and food replicator.

SJ: Do people count? If not then water (hydrate) and a cell phone with a lifetime charger.

JG: A yacht and a tug boat so that I could unstrand myself.

FU: a bucket and a knife, just because that's the essential to survive

AS: my cell phone (with service) & a large boat stocked with food + gas. 🛥️

5. When did you first get involved with bitcoin or crypto?

MS: Early 2017.

SJ: 2018, thank you Matt and Alex for showing me the way.

CT: Just last year. It did not take much to get me hooked! In big now!

JG: Long enough to know you never tell anyone when you started in bitcoin...

FU: Opsec Aubrey, Opsec!

AS: 2016! My roommates who worked in finance were buying BTC and ETH and my eyes were opened. Also check out StrobeCoin - it looks promising.

6. Last place you stacked sats

MS: Bonobos

SJ: Priceline

CT: … Postmates.

JG: On the couch in my living room.

FU: lolli yesterday night getting some groupon events for the next weekend!

AS: Groupon!

7. If you won the lottery, how would you retire?

MS: First, I would convert a lot of that lottery fiat into bitcoin. Then I would spend all my time trying out my craziest ideas for new products services and not care if they fail. I would also learn a bunch of languages, human not computer.

SJ: - Make sure my family and close friends are all taken care of - student loans, mortgages. Then I would take a year to travel the world to do a mix of relaxing, exploring and volunteering. Then come back and start a nonprofit focused on educating young women on business and entrepreneurship.

CT: On an island with my family! White sand and clear water.

JG: Shamefully, as it would mean that I ignored the laws of math and actually bought a lottery ticket.

FU: I'd travel the world first. Then I'd start the next Facebook.

AS: I don't think I would retire. I would pursue some other passions!

8. Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?  

MS: Not Craig Wright.

SJ: No comment but if I had to guess Matt Senter :)

CT: What am I saving all my BTC for if not? Alien invasion, BTC is your only hope of survival.

JG: The unidentified writer of the Bitcoin whitepaper.

FU: You cannot prove you are NOT Satoshi. You can only prove you are, so until Satoshi will show *noun*self we can't know.

AS: Satoshi is Female

9. Would you rather have all traffic lights you approach be green or never have to stand in line again?  

MS: Yup

SJ: Never stand in line

JG: Considering I stand in my car and waiting at a traffic light is effectively waiting in line, I will go with the first choice.

FU: Easy one, I live in NYC. Never a line again! I once waited in line for 8 hours at the DMV in Brooklyn.

AS: No lines. Could you imagine sporting events and TSA?

10. Do aliens exist?

MS: They either do now or did at one point. I am most inclined to believe The Great Filter wiped various races out multiple times over the passing eons. We're due next.

SJ: No comment.

JG: Yes.

FU: Define an alien first and then tell me when? In infinite time span is inevitable, but then again, depends by the definition of an Alien.

AS: It's impossible to be sure of anything. 👽

Happy Employee Appreciation Day,
The Lolli Team 🍭

Aubrey Strobel

Aubrey Strobel

Aubrey is Head of Communications at Lolli, the leading bitcoin rewards company.

New York, NY