A Bitcoin Pizza Purchase From Papa John’s 11 Years Ago Is Now Worth $400 Million

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A Bitcoin Pizza Purchase From Papa John’s 11 Years Ago Is Now Worth $400 Million

Saturday, May 22nd Marks the 11-Year-Anniversary of Bitcoin Pizza Day! 🍕

Eleven years ago today, Laszlo Hanyecz (alternatively known as the Bitcoin Pizza Guy) used 10,000 bitcoin to buy two Papa John’s pizzas. In 2010, a single bitcoin was worth just a few cents, and Hanyecz's purchase came to a total of $25.

Today, those two pizzas would be worth a whopping $400 million USD.

The holiday is an important day for the bitcoin community (though bittersweet for Laszlo) and marks the meteoric rise in the price of bitcoin over the last decade.

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