Lolli CEO Talks Bitcoin Adoption on Soar Payments Podcast


Lolli CEO Talks Bitcoin Adoption on Soar Payments Podcast

Alex Adelman Talks Bitcoin, Adoption, & Rewards With Scott Hawksworth

Alex Adelman, CEO, and Co-founder of Lolli joined the PayPod with Scott Hawksworth to discuss the future of bitcoin, adoption, and rewards!

Scott's PayPod investigates the novel payments and fintech industries. Leading builders and developers join the show, giving his listeners a chance to understand both the business-specific little details, while also giving a clear picture of the broader trends and developments across companies.

Alex Adelman remarked during the interview:

"We're teaching the consumer that bitcoin is a great investment that's really easy to get. On the merchant side, we're teaching them that bitcoin isn't this scary thing; it's okay that it's volatile because it's rewards."

Payments & Fintech Insights In This Episode:

  • What it will take to get more consumers on board with bitcoin and crypto.
  • What it will take to get more merchant services providers, banks, and other financial institutions involved with bitcoin and crypto.
  • The story behind Lolli, and why it’s an excellent vehicle for driving more bitcoin adoption.
  • Why the current climate is the perfect opportunity for cryptocurrencies to see more individuals and organizations get involved.
  • Alex’s perspective on the current cryptocurrency and payments landscape… plus where things are headed in the future.

Listen to the full episode here.

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Walt Smith

Walt Smith

Walt is a Research and Editorial Analyst at Lolli, a browser extension that lets you shop from 1,000+ brands online. He currently studies economics at Grove City College.

Newport Beach, CA