Introducing Lolli for Firefox 🔥🦊🍭

Introducing Lolli for Firefox 🔥🦊🍭

Today, we're excited to officially announce the launch of Lolli for Firefox!

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As you may know, Lolli is a rewards application that lets you earn up to 30% back in free bitcoin when you shop online from 750+ top stores. Lolli has partnered with merchants in fashion, food, lifestyle, and travel, providing tens of thousands of users with the ability to earn free bitcoin while they shop for shoes, groceries, hotels, and more.

When we first launched, people were earning bitcoin at a price of ~$3,500. Now bitcoin has risen to ~7,600 per bitcoin. Our early users have more than doubled their earnings in just a few months.

We are on a mission to make bitcoin easily accessible to all and that starts with making Lolli available on all major browsers. We released our Chrome and Safari extensions when we launched and have had a lot of demand for Firefox ever since. So, we built it!

As with Chrome and Safari, the Firefox browser add-on takes 30 seconds to to download and start earning bitcoin back.

Lolli and Firefox's Focus on Privacy

Both Lolli and Firefox take privacy and security very seriously. We want to do our part to protect our users while they are browsing and shopping the web. We DO NOT sell our user's data – we make money by earning a commission on each sale when our users shop our merchants' sites. We then share that commission with our users, sending bitcoin to their Lolli wallet.

We do not track your browsing history, nor do we sell your browsing data. Our extension has to be able to read the domain of the current site you are on in order to determine if you are at a partner site, viewing a particular product, or at checkout so that we can display a banner alert. Nothing more than that.

Firefox has long been regarded as the best browser for privacy. It's open source, managed by the non-profit Mozilla Foundation, and is at the core of most privacy-focused browsers. Firefox's privacy settings are easy to get to and all add-ons for Mozilla browsers are reviewed before they're posted.

Mozilla has an excellent privacy policy for Firefox that explains what information is collected based on the features you use. it mostly involves sync, personas, use of Mozilla Add-ons, crash and usage statistics. The message from Firefox's privacy policy is clear: All of the information sent is opt-in, not opt-out, and none of it is personally identifiable, although some of it may contain things like URLs you've visited, your IP address, and so on. The privacy policy also includes information about what Mozilla shares with third parties upon request.

We're excited to finally launch on Firefox and hope you enjoy our new add-on! Please feel free to reach out if you ever need anything.

Keep on stackin' in the free world,
Alex & the Lolli Team

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Alex Adelman

Alex Adelman

Alex is one of the creators of Lolli, a rewards website and browser extension that gives you free bitcoin when you shop online at 1,000+ top stores.