Lolli for Apple Watch is Here!

The Lolli Widget for Apple Watch has arrived. ✨

Lolli for Apple Watch is your new favorite companion to help you keep real-time tabs on the price of bitcoin.

Using the Lolli app on the AppleWatch is simple. Read on to learn how to set it up!

1. Navigate to the app store & download Lolli for iOS.

It only takes a second!

2. Log in on your phone.

If you’re not already logged in on the phone that’s connected to your watch, now's the time. Don't have an account? We'll fix that. Just sign up with your email and choose a password to start earning.

3. That's it! Tracking Bitcoin's price has never been easier.

We said it was gonna be easy, didn't we? Enjoy your new favorite app & check the price of bitcoin whenever, wherever. 👀

Stay tuned for more features coming to the mobile app and Apple Watch!

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Keep stacking sats,‌
‌The Lolli Team 💜

*Disclaimer: Bitcoin back rates are subject to change.

Matt Senter

Matt Senter

This is Matt. Matt is CTO and Co-Founder of Lolli, Inc. He thinks bitcoin is the future. He thinks YOU should think bitcoin is the future. Twitter: @MattSenter