Lolli Review: The Moon Pod

Moon Pod

Lolli Review: The Moon Pod

WARNING: Peace, comfort, and deep relaxation may occur.

Introducing, the Moon Pod - a modern and elevated approach on the familiar bean bag chair. Think the Tesla of bean bag chairs - sleek design, high-quality materials, unforgettable comfort and consistent performance. Whether you wish to sit, recline, or lay down completely, the zero-gravity Moon Pod is the product you need for your relaxation needs.

What can you expect:

Great Comfort and Design

Within ten minutes of unpacking my Moon Pod (base), Crescent (back and armrest), and Lunar Lift (foot rest), I knew there was no going back. As I lounged on my pod for the first time I felt like I was floating on a cloud and experiencing a hug at the same time. Objectively speaking, the Moon Pod is the best addition to my living room. To date, I have meditated, napped, eaten, and taken work calls on my Moon Pod, and so far, it has offered incredible comfort and extensive support for every position and every movement.

Although it resembles the idea of a bean bag chair, it genuinely is so much more, as the design was built to mimic Floatation Therapy - a sensory deprivation tank based therapy that works to induce deep states of relaxation that reduce stress and anxiety. Personally, I found that my time on the Moon Pod reduced both, and therefore have granted Moon Pod a 10 out of 10 rating.

Versatility and Ease

Not only is the Moon Pod easy to use, but it is extremely easy to assemble, move, and clean. The full Moon Pod set was shipped to me in three light-weight boxes (one for each piece) along with the cover of my choosing (I went with the Indigo shade). The assembly required only a simple insert and zip before I was ready to lounge - making it both a quick and easy mission.

As for dimensions, the pod only weighs 12 pounds and covers 4 sq ft, making it a perfect fit in my 800 sq ft New York city apartment. To sit, I simply prop the pod up, and to recline, I simply lay back at whichever angle I deem best to meet my relaxation needs. When my pod was in need of a wash, I was able to easily slip the cover off and throw it in the wash - and, if I ever decide to switch up the design of my space, I also have the option to interchange between five different cover color shades that Moon Pod offers. Say I want to lounge outside? I can. As Moon Pod now offers outdoor covers for their products. Bringing the Moon Pod rating for versatility and ease also a 10 out of 10.


In conclusion, if you wish to elevate your state of comfort, (your life, and now your wallet) the Moon Pod is absolutely the choice for you. Now, you can earn up to 6% back when you relax by purchasing Moon Pod products through Lolli!

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Elena N.

Elena N.

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