NCAA Athletes: Get Sponsored By Lolli

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NCAA Athletes: Get Sponsored By Lolli

Lolli is the first cryptocurrency company to offer sponsorships to D-1 athletes in bitcoin.

Lolli, the leading bitcoin rewards company, today announced that it will offer sponsorship opportunities to National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) athletes in the form of bitcoin.

This news comes hours after it was announced that every NCAA athlete in the country will be able to make money from endorsements and through a variety of other ventures starting Thursday.

The new rules mark a major shift in identity and ownership of one's likeness, income, and rights as a college athlete.

Are you a D-1 college athlete? Let us sponsor you!

Those interested in becoming a Lolli x NCAA sponsored athlete can sign-up here.

CEO & Co-founder of Lolli, Alex Adelman said:

It’s high-time that college athletes get paid for their hard work. We’re excited to be the first bitcoin company to offer bitcoin as sponsorship to college athletes looking to monetize their image and likeness."

CTO & Co-founder, Matt Senter said:

As in bitcoin, we're seeing a shift away from institutions and putting power back in the hands of the individual. We're thrilled to give college athletes the opportunity to receive sponsorship in the best money available  — bitcoin."

The program takes effect July 1, 2021. Stay tuned — more details to come.

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Aubrey Strobel

Aubrey Strobel

Aubrey is Head of Communications at Lolli, the leading bitcoin rewards company.

New York, NY