Our Commitment to Equality & Freedom

Our Commitment to Equality & Freedom

Bitcoin fixes a lot of things, but it does not fix racism.

Today, we ask you to join us in supporting the Black community by donating, spreading awareness, and signing petitions for change.

We are living in truly incredible times β€” people across the country are standing up for justice and equality. It is not only a response to the murder of George Floyd, it is a response to centuries of systemic racism entrenched within America.

We, as humans, have to do better. We have to stand together and support our brothers and sisters in these difficult times. This is not one race vs. another - it is the human race unified against racism. Conversations around race and inequality can be difficult, but now is the time to have them. Text your friends, family members, and colleagues and ask how you can be a better ally. We cannot be silent. What holds one group back, holds us all back.

We, as a company, stand for equality, inclusivity, and freedom. It’s at the very core of our mission. Bitcoin is about giving everyone in the world access to financial freedom; giving everyone the same opportunity. Our current financial system has failed us and has only widened the gaps of racial inequality. Bitcoin is the alternative; the bank for everyone regardless of race, gender, or socio-economic status. It is a glimpse of a better future, a future worth fighting for, a future we hope to live in.

Together we stand. #BlackLivesMatter

Please find a list of resources below.

Alex & The Lolli Team

How to Help:

-Sign Petitions πŸ“œ

-Text or Call πŸ“ž

-Donate πŸ’Έ

-Vote πŸ—³οΈ

-More Resources πŸ“£

Alex Adelman

Alex Adelman

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