Spilling Sleep Secrets With Eight Sleep: Thermoregulation

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Spilling Sleep Secrets With Eight Sleep: Thermoregulation

For Sleep Week, we're partnering with Eight Sleep to give you the 411 on sleep fitness!

We've all been there. On a summer night, too-hot temperatures can keep even the deepest sleepers from getting shut eye. For some people, it's the opposite, and chilly winter temperatures keep you up. Eight Sleep knows that the key to a great night's sleep can have everything to do with temperature–and that each sleeper's optimal temperature can vary! That's why we love Eight Sleep's thermoregulating mattress, the Pod.

The Pod is water-powered for maximum cooling effects. All you have to do is program your mattress on the free Eight Sleep app to your optimal sleeping temperature. As you experiment with temperature regulation on the app, you can tweak your temperature until you find the sweet spot.

Throughout the night, the temperature is adjusted by sensors that track your body temperature while you sleep to make sure your temp is perfectly regulated.

Water-Powered? Explain.

The Pod's thermal engine channels water from the Hub–the small machine you fill with water–to the Active Grid in your mattress. The grid design of the Pod maximizes surface area to create a total cooling surface of 7 square feet on a Queen size Pod! The water has a powerful affect on  removing heat from each side of the bed, and facilitating an individualized sleep experience.

I run cold. But my partner runs hot. Help?

You and your partner may well have different optimal temperatures. Eight Sleep allows both you and your partner to stay comfortably cool by allowing you to individualize settings by side. Use the app to adjust your settings. Your smart mattress will also register your distinct sleeping temperatures and adjust your sides' settings accordingly. The Pod will also turn on and off based on you and your partner's individualized schedules.

So what's the perfect temperature?

The National Sleep Foundation says the best sleep happens in a room that's about 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit. You might fall on the higher or the lower end of that range. Thankfully, the Pod lets you choose between 55 and 110°F on each side of the bed for your ideal microclimate.

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