Stack Sats on Kombucha With Health-Ade πŸ§‰


Stack Sats on Kombucha With Health-Ade πŸ§‰

Health-Ade is now live on πŸš€

Attention kombucha lovers β€” you can now earn up to 4.5% bitcoin back on kombucha and a wide variety of other drinks with Health-Ade. A fermented probiotic tea, kombucha has many health benefits in addition to its delicious taste.

So what is in Kombucha?
Health-Ade’s Kombucha is made with tea, water, sugar, and scoby. With its healthy acids and living probiotics, it will improve your gut health and keep you feeling better all around. Shop a wide range of flavors, including pink lady apple, topical punch, jalapeΓ±o-kiwi-cucumber, and power greens! Learn more.

Looking for a soda alternative?
Check out Health-Ade's Booch Pop! Β Booch Pop is a new take on soda. With full carbonation and flavor, Booch Pop has everything you crave in a soda but with much less sugar and no fake ingredients. It blends kombucha, plant-based probiotics, calcium, magnesium, and cold-pressed fruit juice for the best taste without compromising your health. Flavors include ginger fizz, lemon + lime, and pom-berry!

Trying kombucha for the first time:

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Keep sipping and stacking!
The Lolli Team πŸ’œ

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Joseph Steinberg

Joseph Steinberg

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