What is XBT? Bitcoin Has an Alternative Abbreviation


What is XBT? Bitcoin Has an Alternative Abbreviation

The XBT Abbreviation Explained:

You may see XBT used in replace of BTC across exchanges, in forums, and in code. XBT is just an alternative way of saying bitcoin or BTC.

Why use XBT?

You do not need to use XBT. It is more common to use BTC; however, ISO (International Organization for Standardization) put this standardization into practice. The rule is that non-sovereign currencies should have an X as the first letter of their ticker symbol. For example, gold is abbreviated as XAU.

Some exchanges, such as Kraken, have chosen to use this formatting over BTC.

Is it all the same?

Yes. BTC and XBT are referencing the same asset. If you own XBT you own bitcoin. For example, if you type XBT into your search engine, bitcoin results will populate. Test it out!

Which one should I use?

Use whatever you want! Currently, BTC is the more common abbreviation for bitcoin. The majority of people will know what you're referencing if you use the abbreviation BTC.


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